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Ruger -57 5.7 mm 20+1 Round Pistol Black 16401

(3 customer reviews)

Comfortable, nice feel in the hand. Seems well-balanced front to back, and the sights (green “light tube” fiber optic in front) are easy to see; having no dots or other distractions on the rear sight helps the front dot stand out. This is my first pistol with the “blade safety” system, and it’s not obtrusive as I thought it might be. I wouldn’t call this a “target trigger”, but it certainly does the job well and without any fuss. I suspect it will smooth out even more with use.

Gun has been very reliable with American Eagle ammo as well as “name brand”, and the minimal recoil of this caliber allows fast follow-up shots. This caliber also seems marginally quieter in this gun vs. my FN FiveSeven, but I haven’t compared it to my PS90.

Oh, also, this thing attracts folks curious about it, being a new offering. It was on sale here when I bought it, and the decent price combined with my insatiable urge to shoot one of these guns made the decision easy.

My FFL is just three blocks away from my (thank you Palmetto!) and the transfer of this was smooth and since Palmetto shipped it quickly, I had it in good time.

Having bought from Palmetto for years, I’m thoroughly please with their service and prices, and am glad to have been introduced to them years ago.

Thank you.

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3 reviews for Ruger -57 5.7 mm 20+1 Round Pistol Black 16401

  1. Elyse F. (verified owner)

    A reputable company that you can trust fair pricing Easy and quick thanks Guns.com

  2. eric s. (verified owner)

    While I felt a twinge of regret parting with the rifle, it was time, and these folks made the transaction go well.

  3. Vernon B. (verified owner)

    great company because fast shipper

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