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Polycase Sport Utility 84gr .38 Special – 50 Rounds

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UPC Code 813412020685
Manufacturer Polycase
Caliber .38 Special
Accessory Rail Not Applicable

EXTREME PRECISION: The Sport Utility RNP™ projectile is engineered to perform. Every feature of this bullet is specially designed and tested for pinpoint accuracy.
ON TARGET, EVERY TIME:Inceptor® Sport Utility RNP™ projectiles are injection-molded, resulting in bullets with excellent concentricity and accuracy.
HIGH VELOCITY: High velocity means flatter trajectories for better accuracy over distance.
LOW RECOIL: Inceptor® Sport Utility RNP™ delivers higher velocity with less recoil.
UNMATCHED FRANGIBILITY: The Sport Utility RNP™ projectile is range compliant and designed for use against hardened steel targets.
ADVANCED MATERIALS: Performs in a wide range of conditions and weapons systems, including suppressed.

*PolyCase bullets contain no lead.

Manufacturer Specs:

84 gr RNP™
1210 fps / 273 ft. lbs.

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