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Polycase – Inceptor ARX 9mm 74gr Ammo

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UPC Code 85603500426
Manufacturer Polycase
Caliber 9mm
Accessory Rail Not Applicable
FFL Requirements Must be 21 Years Old. Illinois residents must provide a copy of their FOID card before we can ship the order. Not available to ship to prohibited locations.

This is new Polycase ARX 9mm 74gr ammunition and comes in packs of 25 rounds. Minimum order quantity of 4 packs.

REVOLUTIONARY SELF-DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY: From the research and development laboratory of PolyCase Ammunition, the Inceptor ARX™ is the next-generation of highly-effective self-defense ammunition, achieved through advanced design and materials science.
ENGINEERED FLUID DYNAMICS: Maximum energy transfer to target from the hydrodynamic ram effect. By design, the enhanced surface area of the ARX™ exploits the rotational force of the bullet, resulting in a self-defense round that is engineered to perform.
SPECIALLY ENGINEERED PROFILE:The ARX™ feeds like a round nose, with stopping power and terminal performance that exceeds most expanding handgun bullets.
LATERAL FORCE: The non-expanding ARX™ design harnesses the projectile’s rotational energy to transfer maximum terminal energy to targets through lateral force dispersion.
PATENT PENDING DESIGN: Dynamically transfers both rotational and directional energy for rapid energy transfer to target.
PRECISE: Injection molded ARX™ projectiles deliver exceptional accuracy.
HIGH VELOCITY: Achieves higher velocity and higher energy than other self-defense rounds, yet develops less recoil for quicker follow up shots.
ADVANCED MATERIALS: Performs in a wide range of conditions and weapons systems, including suppressed.

Manufacturer Specs:

25 Cartridges
74 gr ARX™
1475 fps / 357 ft. lbs.

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